At Lakes Primary School we actively promote reading for pleasure. We seek to provide our children with stimulating reading environments and quality reading material.
Children take an active role in choosing books and leading the way in developing reading skills.
All children should have a regular eye check at least every two years from around the age of three years old. Around 80% of what a child learns is through sight, yet there are an estimated 1 million children in the UK with an undiagnosed vision problem.
Through their Zookeeper Zoe e-book, Boots offer a basic visual acuity check. This can be accessed
This vision screening check includes the following checks:

  • Astigmatism check (shape of the eye and focus ability)
  • Colour vision check (how well different colours are distinguished)
  • Duo chrome check (ability to focus correctly)
  • Visual acuity check (accuracy and sharpness of vision)

If you are concerned about your child’s eye health, please visit your local optometrist. They will be able to offer a full eye check, no matter the childs age.