Accelerated Reading

We currently use Accelerated Reading for our Year 4, 5 and 6 children.  Our children thoroughly enjoy the dedicated 30 minutes of reading time that we have each day and throughout that time, they access quizzes and select new books to read and enjoy.
At the end of the week, those children who have achieved their certification level are presented with their certificates in assembly and they are all currently working towards being the first person to receive recognition for reading a million words. The children are always eager to see the word count leader board and closely monitor their individual target scores to ensure that they earn their target achieved certificate at the end of each half term.
Since integrating Accelerated Reading into our reading curriculum, the children’s motivation to read has improved greatly; the children are always eager to read their book and then take a quiz to test their understanding and add to their points and word totals. They love the competitive spirit within the classroom and are all keen to add to their word count on their quest to joining the ‘Millionaire’s Club’
We have recently been awarded Champion School status for our achievements with Accelerated Reading.
We are incredibly proud to be a Champion School and our children are more motivated than ever to read daily and continue to take as many quizzes as possible