House System

Here at Lakes Primary School we use a ‘House’ System to reward, celebrate and encourage a positive learning environment where the children can work towards achieving their goals, improving their behaviour and increasing the standard of their work.
The house system consists of 4 houses each of their own colour. We have Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds and Sapphires.

When deciding on which topic to use to name our houses it was discussed by the children in the School Council discussions. They came up with the idea of using jewels as the names, as jewels are ‘precious’ and ‘treasure’ and that, in a way, is what our children are, all very precious and we should treasure each and every one.
During each week the children may be rewarded with a ‘gem’ in some aspect of school life. These gems are collected in each class and are counted up at the end of the week on a Friday. We have a celebration assembly to reward the children’s positive work and the child from each class who has totalled the most gems for that week wins a prize.
The gems from each class are totalled weekly and we have a house winner for each half term who are treated to a special reward.