Register of Business Interests

Governor Other School Governor hips Staff Member (Post) Related to Staff Member (Name) Business/Personal Interest Date of Declaration
Details Staff/Family Member
Brenda Forster No No No Nil Nil 10.11.16
Janet Madden Nil Head Teacher Nil Nil 10.11.16
Vince Peel Nil No Yes Mrs Ruth Peel (Wife) Contracts Manager, Engineering Installations, Owens Road, Middlesbrough Self 06.11.16
Marilyn Bell Nil Nil Nil 28.09.16
Mark Dickinson Nil Nil Nil 08.09.16
John Best Nil Best Home Improvements Son 14.07.15
Victoria Evans Nil Teacher Nil Nil 09.07.15
David Greensmith (Resigned 02.09.16) Yes No No Nil Nil 07.08.15