Action Words

Dear Parent/Carer,
At Lakes Primary School we are using a scheme called Action Words to support children’s early reading skills.
It is very important for children to learn to read key words from an early age. The key words have been broken into sections:
F/S 45 key words
Y1/2 1st 200 key words
Our Action Words scheme provides us with: flash cards, homework sheets, classroom activities and teacher resources.
We will be sending home the homework sheets on a weekly basis.
Action Words, (key words), are the first words children learn to read. Many of these words children are unable to word build by sounds alone. What we are trying to do is encourage children to look at the whole word. Each word is accompanied by a corresponding action, modelled by one of the characters in the scheme.
We encourage you as parents to follow the guidance on the home worksheet; this will enable your child to accelerate their learning and word recognition. Basically the more words YOUR child learns to read, the further up the reading scheme they will move.
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